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"Providing high quality linguistic services for all commercial requirements"

Has an inability to close a deal with an overseas associate left you feeling frustrated? Or maybe a communication breakdown with a non UK accounts department has adversely affected your cashflow?

Well, whatever your needs, here at Baxter Downs Business Language Solutions we have a range of services and products which are specifically designed to meet all of your commercial needs.

Maybe your company manual needs translating for distribution throughout Europe, or perhaps you are considering investing in a short or longer term staffing solution to ease the burden.

At Baxter Downs, we genuinely believe that we can not only deliver our services with the highest quality, we are also convinced that we can do so at a price which is both competitive and cost effective for your business.

So please do not hesitate! Our product range can be explored by clicking on any of the respective links at the top of the page.

We hope to hear from you very soon and look forward to being of service.